Hello soldiers... I've started on working in the game since 2013, and today 28 November 2017 I had to close it.. It was a really hard decision to me but it had to be made.

Times changes and I don't have so much free time that I had before, and that contributed to almost no updates to the game and so we had fewer players everyday. That was a really good times in developing and growing this game, 4 years of Combat Company that today ends. Unfortunately this had to be made, I wont delete the databases and neither any game file related, so if someone wants to take the administration and run their own servers with those files that would be a possibility. For now I can't continue with the game administration because I get almost zero revenue to run the servers associated to the game.

You can still contact me by my personal e-mail address at tiagocarvalho_95@hotmail.com. That was some really good time guys, but we have to keep moving on..

Regards, [GM]KASPALL-